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Innovative Energy Storage Solutions – Key to accelerate the green transition

03 February 2023

As we are trying to limit our dependency on fossil fuels and solar panels and wind turbines are increasingly saturating our landscape, we find ourselves in front of yet another, potentially bigger, challenge: not the production of green, low-carbon energy, but its storage over both short and long periods of time. These are some of the most promising energy storage solutions to date.

The Dark Side of Variable Frequency Drives

23 January 2023

Variable Frequency Drives… We are unable to envision a world without them. Despite the fact that induction motors are among the most reliable electric motors currently in use, they once had a significant drawback.

What is Pinch Analysis and how can it make a difference?

13 January 2023

Daniel Declercq, specialized in energy efficiency and CO2 reduction, explains the process of pinch analysis and how it can make a difference in industrial energy consumption.